Always at the forefront of technology

At VenCloud, we leverage the latest technologies to benefit operators. That’s why we’re always at the forefront of the Vending and OCS sectors.

  • 100% Cloud Web-Based

    100% Cloud Web-Based

    First vending ERP 100% offered in the Cloud.

  • Connectivity


    First ERP to provide Bluetooth connectivity with machines and payment systems.

  • Android mobility

    Android mobility

    First ERP to offer a complete mobility solution on Android.

Bluetooth – IRDA connectivity

  • Bluetooth and IRDA technology for capturing accounting audits, EVA-DTS, or third-party audits.

  • Communication in all protocols (DTR, DEX, or DDCMP) and all connections (Jack, DB9, or DB15).

Bluetooth - IRDA connectivity

Telemetry Services

  • Integrated telemetry system for capturing data from machines, payment devices, and operational alarms.

  • Automatic integration with manufacturer telemetry.

Telemetry Services

GPS monitoring

  • GPS monitoring of replenishment or technician activity.

  • Optimization of activity times.

GPS Monitoring


  • Integration system with counting machines.


WYSIWYG Technology

  • Thanks to our WYSIWYG Web technology, you can enjoy a web application with the appearance and speed of desktop management applications.

  • Works on Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android without installing anything.

WYSIWYG Technology

User access control

  • User and device access control system.

  • Access profiles for modules and features.

  • Activity control through logs.

User access control


  • Technology that prevents conflicts and loss of information by preventing two users from manipulating the same information at the same time.


Automatic background services

  • Automatic background services that process information for you.

  • The system processes and calculates everything needed: stocks, visits, sales, tasks…

Automatic background services

Google Maps

  • Integration with Google Maps for clients, vending routes, OCS, and technical activity.

  • Calculation of the optimal route to save time and distance.

Google Maps


  • Android mobility application, 100% connected to the Cloud but allows offline work.

  • With all the power of the latest technologies in Android: BT, NFC, GPS…

  • Capture of digital signatures.

  • Capture of photos, audio, or video for visits or technical interventions.


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