Special modules

VenCloud solutions not only allow you to manage and control your business but also offer complementary solutions to take your business to the next level and ensure the best service for your customers.

Multi-delegation Management

  • Management of operations with different branches or headquarters.

  • Have a centralized view of the business.

  • Allows delegated management of resources, limiting access to the headquarters.

  • Analysis of operations at each site, globally or in detail.

Multi-delegation Management

Call centre

  • Centralized customer service system.

  • Management of calls, emails, WhatsApp, etc.

  • Direct access to resources such as machine status, history of breakdowns and incidents, product order collection, and complaint registration.

Call Center

Electronic filing

  • Document storage system for contracts and technical specifications.

  • Document management and locator.

  • Integration with Amazon S3.

Electronic Filing

CRM – Commercial Activity

  • Recording and control of commercial activity.

  • Commercial agenda.

  • Leads, opportunities, and actions.

  • Customer offers.

CRM - Commercial Activity

B2B Portal

  • Customized web portal to interact with your customers.

  • Digitalize your relationship with customers in real-time.

  • Save calls, emails, and administrative time.

  • Share sales information or customized price rates.

  • Digital sales order registration.

  • Order history, deliveries, and invoices.

  • Report of breakdowns, incidents, and complaints.

Portal B2B

QR Customer Service

  • Allows your customers to interact with your company simply by scanning a QR code.

  • Personalized mobile web for your company.

  • With just the machine’s QR code, access all options.

  • Download ticket and purchase receipt (requires real-time telemetry).

  • Report of breakdowns and incidents.

  • Product, service, or money claims registry.

  • Digital return management.

  • Digital OCS product orders.

QR Customer Service

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