Modules and features

Vencloud offers a set of functional modules that allow for the complete management, administration, and control of Vending, OCS, or Dispensing operations. Additionally, Vencloud is constantly developing, offering new modules or solutions to take your company to the next level.

    • Vencloud allows for real-time control of all vending operator activities, from route organization, visits, cash collection, and product replenishment to machine sales statistics, expiration tracking, incidents, money control, change management, and profitability.

      All this is combined with the power of Cloud dashboards and the agility of the Android mobility application, providing the company with the best tools.

      Vending Activity
      • Complete management of all OCS or Dispensing product activities.

      • It can organize preventive maintenance for your machines, as well as set up commercial agreements, customized rates, customer order management, and warehouse delivery preparation with digital signature on Android.

      • You can complement these with B2B Portal and QR Customer Service to provide immediate service to your customers.

      • Control of daily product deliveries.

      • System of kits or sets for sale in OCS.

      OCS and Dispensing Activity
      • Complete management and control of the technical area.

      • Maintenance planning: breakdown reporting in Cloud or Android, complete technician activity log.

      • Spare parts and replacements management.

      • Real-time service monitoring.

      • Workshop and technical task management, installations, and removals.

      Área técnica - SAT
      • Total control of stocks and inventories in real-time.

      • Control on 3 levels: warehouses, vehicles, and machines.

      • Mobility application for counts, transfers, and adjustments.

      • Guided picking on Android.

      • Digital purchase receipt.

      • Lot tracking.

      Stock and Logistics Control
      • Complete and visual management of machines through planograms.

      • Recipes and grammages system for hot drinks.

      • Configuration of templates and patterns.

      • Channel optimization.

      • Scheduled product changes.

      • Accessories and furniture management.

      Machine and Planogram Management
      • Complete management of articles, receipts, and spare parts.

      • Multi-location systems.

      • Product blocking management.

      • Sales, purchases, and inventory analysis.

      • Mass changes.

      Product Management
      • Multilevel customer management: groups, customers, centres, sections, and points of sale.

      • Location on Google Maps.

      • Document and contract management.

      • Profitability and sales analysis.

      Customer and Location Management
      • Management of business resources such as headquarters or branches, employees, warehouses, and vehicles.

      Resource Management
      • Static and dynamic route planning.

      • Daily, weekly, and monthly planners

      • Automated calendars.

      • Visit optimizer.

      • Daily route activity control.

      • Kitting for replenishment forecasting.

      Route Planning
      • Custom pricing rates and agreements.

      • Commercial agreements for subsidies, commissions, rentals, etc.

      • Document archive and contracts.

      Commercial Policy
      • Complete management of the entire purchasing area.

      • Supplier management, distribution centres, and custom rates.

      • Purchase orders with automatic email delivery to the supplier.

      • Digital purchase receipt.

      • Purchase invoice verification.

      • Purchase optimizer by consumption and levels.

      Purchasing Management
      • Complete management of customer complaints for service, product, or money claims.

      • Digital and real-time return management (requires telemetry).

      • Temperature and machine cleaning management.

      • Quality questionnaire.

      Quality and Claims
      • Automated pre-billing systems for commercial agreements.

      • Multi-company and multi-concept invoicing.

      • Integration with accounting systems and other ERPs.

      Invoicing and Sales
      • Daily route control to monitor repositioning activity and results at all times.

      • Collection control to detect possible money shortages in the cash box.

      • Change refill control to reconcile tube inventories.

      • Commercial/real machine price control and verification.

      • Control of sold/loaded products.

      • Expiration control to minimize losses and reduce levels to a minimum.

      • Audit and electronic audit control to ensure no data is missing.

      • Audit and electronic audit control to ensure no data is missing.

      Daily Operational Control through Dashboards
      • The VenCloud BI Analysis System allows you to obtain decision-making information immediately.

      • You do not need technical knowledge; the system offers automated analysis panels from multiple perspectives.

      • Analysis systems in cube, business evolution, period comparisons, and automated profitability analysis are just a few examples of what Vencloud can calculate for you.

      Análisis Business Intelligence
    • For the most demanding customers who need to obtain information beyond all dashboards and analysis panels, VenCloud offers the possibility of having a 100% web reporting system, which allows the creation of customized reports on any type of information contained in the system.

      Web reporting

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