The Ultimate ERP Solution for Vending, OCS, Horeca, or Dispensing Operator Management and Control

Vencloud’s Pillars for Business Management

  • Economic Control

    Economic control

    Achieve total control over finances, from cash collection to change reloads and sales in the machines.

  • Product Control

    Product control

    Achieve complete control and traceability of products:

    • Improving purchases.

    • Minimizing inventories.

    • Optimizing restocking.

    • Avoiding expired products.

  • Total Organization Optimization

    Total organization optimization

    Vencloud provides complete process automation, simplification, and agility, ensuring swift and secure operations with fewer resources.

  • Increased Profitability

    Increased profitability

    Thanks to increased control, process automation, reduction of losses, and resource optimization.

Why operators choose Vencloud?

Vencloud offers significant advantages that make it the ideal solution for operators of any size and type.

    • 100% Cloud Web-Based

      • No major investments required.

      • No commitment required.

      • Available anytime, anywhere.

      • Always up-to-date.

      • High-value technical support.

    • In good hands

      We specialize in the sector and provide real solutions.

    • 30 years of experience

      VVencloud is supported by Macrosistemas, a company with over 30 years of experience in Business Management.

    • Growing

      It is the sector’s ERP with the highest growth in the last 5 years.

    • Connectivity

      It is the first ERP to offer Bluetooth connectivity with machines.

    • Total integration

      It integrates with all manufacturers, making it the most recommended.

    • Cutting-Edge technology

      Always offers the latest technologies in service of the operator.

    • International

      It’s a global project that keeps growing, present in 9 countries.

Main Modules

Vencloud offers a set of modules and functionalities to manage and control all areas of an operator’s business.

  • Vending Activity

  • OCS and dispensing activity

  • Technical area – SAT

  • Stock control and logistics

  • Machine and planogram management

  • Product management

  • Customer and location management

  • Resource management

  • Route planning

  • Commercial policy

  • Purchasing management

  • Quality and complaints

  • Invoicing and sales

  • Operational control

  • Business Intelligence Analysis

  • Web reporting

Special Modules

  • Multi-delegation management

    Global management by company headquarters or branches.

  • Call Centre

    Centralized customer service system with direct access to resources.

  • Electronic Archive

    Centralized customer service system with direct access to resources.

  • CRM – Commercial activity

    Registration and control of commercial activity.

  • B2B Portal

    Customized web portal to interact with your clients and share digital information.

  • QR Customer Service

    Your customers can interact with your company by simply reading a QR code.

Technology and optimization

Vencloud offers the latest automation and optimization systems for your business.

  • Accesibilidad, movilidad y conectividad

    Accessibility, mobility, and connectivity

    • 100% Cloud Web-Based ERP.

    • Android Mobility APP.

    • Machine Connectivity (Bluetooth, IRDA, or Telemetry).

  • Optimización


    • Sales Optimizer in Visual Planograms.

    • Route Optimization in Google Maps.

    • Restocking Optimizer (Pre-kitting).

  • Dashboarding y automatización

    Dashboarding and automation

    • Control through dashboards.

    • Automated logistics picking.

    • Immediate profitability analysis.

Which version suits my company?

The goal of Vencloud is to democratize vending management, helping to professionalize its activity. Therefore, at Vencloud, we want to offer solutions for all types and sizes of operators.

  • Lite

    Suitable for small businesses or operators who need maximum control at the lowest cost.

  • Pro

    Ideal for medium and large companies or operators looking to control all areas of their business while maximizing efficiency.

  • Ultimate

    The version for large operators. Achieve total control in operations with thousands of machines, automating administrative processes, optimizing resources, and maximizing business profitability.

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