Serunion and Semcal join in the technological forefront of Vending with the VenCloud©PRO solution.

These two major companies, well-known in the Vending sector, have also decided to upgrade their IT systems by adopting the advanced VenCloud©PRO solution to improve and optimize all their processes across various branches.

Serunion, part of the multinational Elior Group and a leader in the collective catering sector, operates in several cities across Spain. Semcal is a recognized Vending company with a presence in Castilla León, Madrid, and other areas of Spain.

VenCloud©PRO: A Strategic Ally for Success 

VenCloud©PRO is a strategic ally for vending sector companies, necessary to enhance their efficiency, profitability, and competitiveness. This software, developed with cutting-edge technology, offers solutions for all business areas in an innovative and cost-effective manner, enabling:

  • Comprehensive, Simplified, and Efficient Operation Management: It allows operators to control and optimize their routes, visits, and information obtained from their machines (with or without telemetry), resulting in improved operational efficiency and cost reduction.
  • Efficient Revenue Control: It provides an advanced and highly automated system for managing cash and other revenue throughout the process (bags, counting, deliveries to fund management companies, etc.).
  • Automated Needs Calculation, Merchandise Preparation, and Stock Management: It offers an advanced solution for calculating product needs, preparing vehicle loads for distribution (based on complete route loads or individual machines), and simplifying the loading/unloading of products into machines. All steps are managed simply and automatically using mobile phones and/or PDAs, ensuring information is available at all times.
  • Innovation, Advanced Technology, and Information Reliability: VenCloud©PRO incorporates AI techniques, automated data control and processing, which require minimal human intervention. Error self-detection, self-correction, and automatic data processing provide reliable results immediately, allowing for proper business control and management.
  • It is an intuitive and easy-to-use solution that adapts to the needs of companies of all sizes.

Scalable, All-Area Solution:

In addition to its base modules, VenCloud©PRO offers various modules to address specific needs and concerns, such as:

  • QR Customer Service – A tool that digitizes customer service through QR codes.
  • SAT – Complete management of the Technical Service (maintenance, repairs).
  • O.C.S – Controls OCS sales agreements with digitalized logistics processes and customer delivery.
  • CRM – Multilevel commercial management and commercial activity analysis.
  • Call Center – Centralized customer service module.
  • B2B Web Portal – Allows offering customers information on sales, orders, OCS deliveries, invoices, technical history, or claims through a personalized web portal.
  • Route Optimization – Calculates the optimal route, proposes visit order, and displays it on a map.

The integration of VenCloud©PRO into the organizations of Serunion and Semcal is the perfect example of these companies’ commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, enabling them to increase their competitiveness and maintain a significant position in the sector.

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