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Service, Installation, and Construction Companies

Companies whose activity consists of carrying out commissioned work, construction projects, and services.

Companies such as metallurgical firms, machining workshops, air conditioning installers, plumbing/heating contractors, carpentry workshops, various types of workshops, construction subcontractors, technical services, etc.

Companies seeking control and management of their projects, in-house production activity, subcontracting, costs, and personnel, both in-house and on-site, find their needs met with EacGi-ERP.

In addition to the core features,

Recommended Modules

  • ST – Task Management

    Economic analysis of profitability and deviations. Management of supplies and purchases associated with tasks. Subcontracting management. Personnel control. Automation of activity registration through check-in performed via control stations (barcode) and/or mobile devices (phone or PDA). Results analysis via dashboards.

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