What modules do I need?

Commercial and
distributive companies

If your company sells and/or distributes products, EacGi-ERP meets your needs through the solutions provided by its core features and optional modules.

In addition to the core features,

Recommended Modules

  • B2C – Web Stores and Marketplaces

    Automatic store maintenance, automatic order download, automatic collection accounting, automatic stock synchronization, etc.

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  • B2B – Web Commercial Office

    This module customizes the customer experience: it shows personalized prices and discounts, usual products, and facilitates new orders, confirming availability instantly. Allows the customer to check the status of each order, download copies of their invoices, etc.

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  • CRM – CRM and Business Intelligence

    Provides the commercial management and your salespeople with immediate information on sales evolution by customer or product. Automatically monitors customer sales evolution and alerts when sales decline, increasing sales effectiveness.

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  • CAT – Chain Store Management

    Complete store (POS) management and communication between headquarters and stores, providing centralized management of communications and dashboards.

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  • SGA – Advanced Warehouse Management

    Organization and task assignment to each employee: manages picking operations (extraction and preparation of shipments), placement operations, and optimization of space management and proper product placement based on rotation. Allows multi-location and controls and manages all internal operations. Operators’ operations are fully guided by the system using tablets. Optimizes routes for operations, reducing times and increasing effectiveness.

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