Task Management

The features of this EacGi-ERP module streamline the operations of companies engaged in tasks, services, or construction activities, providing complete management of their activities.

ST Module - Task Management
    • Budgets

      Enables the preparation of budgets, internal calculations with breakdowns of materials, labour times, machinery times, etc. Detailed data for each item or section of the budget. Also, it facilitates setting margins to propose prices; sending and tracking budgets; importing/exporting data based on templates from similar tasks and files such as BC3 or Excel; making adjustments, generating new versions of budgets, and associating digital documentation with the budget (measurements, blueprints, etc.).

    • Management of purchases and/or supplies associated with the tasks

      EacGi-ERP allows for easy management of subcontracting tasks and necessary materials, facilitating purchases, stock reservations and/or associated supplies, as well as requesting budgets from suppliers. The system automatically creates and maintains a base of purchasing alternatives; facilitates sending orders to suppliers and allows for automatic receptions and allocations for each task/service/construction and corresponding items.

    • Immediate results

      When using the advanced timekeeping systems provided by EacGi-ERP, you will immediately have information on the status and evolution of tasks, projected costs, actual costs, deviations, results, etc. Additionally, you will have total control over each employee’s activities, automating all steps and simplifying administrative processes.

    • External processes

      EacGi-ERP manages external treatment operations subcontracted to providers, handling material shipments, controlling the progress of these tasks, automating reception, automatic allocation of these services, and automatically verifying supplier invoices.

    • Personnel – Presence control

      Facilitates human resource management, productivity control, work performed, and presence control through timekeeping (at the control station on-site) or, for off-site work, through mobile phone timekeeping via the provided app (with GPS position capture and display on Google Maps).

    • Invoicing – Certifications

      EacGi-ERP allows for issuing partial or original certifications and controlling/managing final work retention guarantees.

    • Quick start for task/service/construction control

      Simple and immediate, with just a few clicks, it allows you to start task control and management and/or print work orders/production orders.

    • Work Reports – Timekeeping

      EacGi-ERP allows for recording employee, machine, and production activity times through any of the following methods:

      • Operations carried out at the main site (workshop, technical office)
        Through a timekeeping system (control station) carried out by the employees themselves at the start and end of each operation, using a barcode reader or touch screens.

      • Off-site activity (services/construction)
        Through timekeeping on an Android mobile phone or tablet by the supervisor or the employee themselves. Additionally, it can indicate the activity performed, add explanations (notes or voice recordings), and capture the signatures of the employee and/or client.

      • Work Report Registration
        Through the registration of the forms that the operator or supervisor would have manually filled out on paper.

    • Product manufacturing

      In cases where tasks result in product manufacturing, EacGi-ERP automatically adds them to the stock at the actual cost incurred.

      EacGi-ERP allows for the definition of production bills of materials and necessary operational sequences to obtain the product, enabling simplified production process management.

      In cases where production processes require more extensive control, such as managing semi-finished product stock or other requirements, the EacGi-ERP serial production module will address those needs.

    • Record

      In cases where your activity involves maintenance or repair services for machinery, EacGi-ERP automatically provides the intervention record of each machine or item.

    • Personnel – Task assignment chart

      For activities involving repetitive services, EacGi-ERP allows you to plan and assign personnel to each task (services, dates, and times).

    • Analysis – Dashboards

      EacGi-ERP provides, through various configurable analytical reports, all the information you may need: analysis of task results in a given period through dashboards, as well as the economic assessment of tasks at the end of the specified month. This allows you to obtain more complete and reliable profit and loss statements for the company.

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