Advanced warehouse management and
internal logistics

This EacGi-ERP module addresses the challenges faced by commercial/distribution and/or industrial companies needing to manage and optimize internal logistics tasks within their warehouses, typically due to the volume of movements and/or the need to optimize space management.

Automated order
picking management

Allows for the automatic or semi-automatic generation of picking orders based on available stock.

Enables the assignment of tasks to specific employees, directly communicated to their tablets.

Automated Order Picking Management

Picking – Guided Management
of Extraction Processes

Complete picking management, guiding operators via their tablets along optimal extraction routes.

Allows one operator to prepare multiple orders simultaneously (multi-picking), minimizing movements and time required for these tasks.

The system handles comprehensive lot management, suggesting the oldest lots during picking.

Picking - Guided Management of Extraction Processes

Placement Process
Management – Optimization

Complete management of placement processes, suggesting appropriate locations based on product movement volume, dimensions, and available spaces. Consequently, the solution proposes placing high-movement products closer to the dispatch preparation area to reduce operator time and movement during picking.

Placement Process Management - Optimization

Management of space, containers, and more

Products can be stored in multiple locations (multi-location), maximizing space utilization.

Manages container elements such as cages and pallets, which may contain various products.

Management of space, containers, and more

Expedition and document preparation

Allows for the printing of parcel labels, packing lists, delivery notes, communication, and integration with major carrier systems, including printing carrier labels when necessary.

Expedition and Document Preparation

Other features

    • All internal operations are performed using tablets by operators, eliminating the need for printed documents.

    • Graphically displays the contents of each location (item, lot, quantity, quantity reserved for ongoing extraction preparations).

    • Graphically defines/redefines warehouse structure (sections, aisles, shelves, columns, levels) and optimal routes.

    • Provides operational control statistics and personnel time tracking.

    • Allows integration with robotic systems.

    • Barcode scanning verifies correct product extraction or can be done during expedition preparation (parcel packing), ensuring accuracy.

    • Facilitates warehouse operation control: pending preparation and placement operations, preparation status of each order, etc. Provides operational control statistics and personnel time tracking.

    • Enables stock counts and real-time incident logging, immediately correcting information to prevent impact on subsequent operations.

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