Mass Production

The features of this EacGi-ERP module provide companies engaged in mass production of any type of product with complete management and control of their production activity.

In summary, it provides

  • Configuration of production costs.

  • Operational sequences, including alternative operations and external treatments.

  • Configuration of cost criteria (standard or theoretical).

  • Configuration of automatic stock movements resulting from production activities (operations).

  • Launching production orders considering order backlog, safety stock, and other criteria.

  • Purchasing management associated with production needs, i.e., Material Requirements Planning (MRP).

  • Control and management of external operations, i.e., those carried out by suppliers outside the plant.

  • Control of internal resources (primarily machines).

  • Implementation of cost methodologies based on Activity-Based Costing.

Mass Production

It allows for the following results

  • Control and tracking of the status of each production order, including external operations.

  • Permanent and valued inventory of raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products.

  • Automatic stock movement as production activities are performed/recorded.

  • Immediate cost of each resulting product (semi-finished and/or finished).

  • Deviations from standard (or theoretical) cost, the origin and detail of deviations (hours, differences in costs of materials used), material utilization, etc.

  • Productivity and efficiency of each worker (indicators and deviations from planned times for each operation).

  • Total traceability of the products obtained and used for their preparation, including the batches used and obtained.

Mass Production

Quick, Simple, and
Automated Operations

Mass Production
    • Fast launching of production orders

      Considering order backlog, stock management criteria, and other specific criteria, it allows checking the production status associated with the order.

      Upon launching a production order, EacGi-ERP provides information on the requirements for production and availabilities, enabling (if necessary) reservation of quantities and batches to facilitate comprehensive stock management.

    • Purchasing management and/or supplies associated with production

      EacGi-ERP easily calculates and manages the necessary material requirements, facilitating purchases, stock reservations, and/or supplies. It streamlines order placement with suppliers and allows for automatic receptions.

    • Recording of production activities

      For activities carried out in the plant, EacGI-ERP allows recording the execution and associated data of operations using the time clock system (control station) performed by the operators themselves at the start and end of each operation using a barcode reader or touch screens located on the plant floor.

      The system allows registering the activities carried out by operators, automatic or semi-automatic machines, the results of quality controls, and technical information of interest.

    • External processes

      For external operations (i.e., those entrusted to suppliers), it facilitates order management (Sub-Order) and/or sending the necessary materials, controlling the stock of own materials located in supplier warehouses at all times. It streamlines automatic receipt of resulting products, verification of their invoices, and self-registration of the production activity performed.

    • Automatic stock movements

      In cases that are configured, the system will automatically debit and/or credit the stock of items consumed/produced as each operation is recorded on the plant floor or a product is received from a supplier to which a processing has been ordered.

      EacGi-ERP provides a high level of automation and simplification of processes, thus ensuring a permanent and valued inventory of the factory; theoretical product costs; actual costs and deviations, providing precise knowledge of what, where, when they have occurred, and their magnitudes.

    • Maintenance of production recipes

      EacGi-ERP simplifies the configuration of production recipes, allowing for powerful but straightforward definition on a single screen of all criteria (materials used, products obtained, times, cost criteria, etc.). It enables partial or total copying of data from other similar cost analysis and mass generation of cost evaluation based on variants.

      Maintenance and bulk changes to cost analysis are powerful and versatile, allowing, among other modifications, replacement of materials in certain products and operations, recalculation of costs, etc.

    • Analysis – Dashboards

      EacGi-ERP provides, through various configurable analytical reports, all the information you may need, such as productivity analysis, deviations, utilization rates, etc.

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