CRM and Business Intelligence

CRM – Sales area

This is an EacGi-ERP module that provides all members of the Sales Department (salespeople, agents) with the appropriate tool to assist them in their activities. It provides middle management and/or Sales Management with information about potential market, campaigns, and activities carried out.

CRM – Sales area

Key features

    • Prospective Customer Database (Leads)

      It allows maintaining a database of prospective customers with all their data: logo, contact persons, documents, location of their headquarters (to be consulted on Google Maps and/or Google Street View…) and which can be updated as the commercial team members develop their activity.

      It allows importing databases of potential customers that can be acquired and supplied through Excel or CSV files.

      It allows merging customer data and making bulk changes to facilitate their purification.

      It facilitates locating the customer or potential customer based on their own data or contact person data.

    • Business opportunities – Activity logging

      The system allows registering and monitoring business opportunities by recording the activities carried out, the results of these actions (such as contact calls, follow-ups, telemarketing actions, email marketing, etc.) or noting in the agenda the planning of new actions to be taken.

    • Others

      Being a web portal, it can be used from anywhere using a tablet.

      From this module, you can access the B2B web portal – Commercial Office during visits made by Sales Department members to customers to register new orders.

      In addition to customers and prospective customers, it includes the figures of collaborators (prescribers, distributors, and partners).

    • Campaigns – Action plans

      It allows preparing campaigns by extracting from the prospective customer database those that meet the appropriate profile.

      It allows exporting the email list of a campaign for sending communications/brochures through specialized email marketing platforms.

    • Analysis – Dashboards

      It allows consulting and managing the list of opportunities and qualifying them based on their possibilities.

      Potential Market: It allows consulting it in a summarized or detailed way on a given date, broken down by business lines, seller, team, or company globally.

      Opportunities: It allows analysing the opportunities generated and the channels through which they have been generated, lost opportunities and their causes, as well as the results obtained.

      Activities: It allows consulting the summary of activities, by type of action, carried out in a given period.

      It allows analysing the result of the campaigns based on the actions and results obtained.

CRM – Commercial Business Intelligence

You will know what happens with your customers at all times.

CRM - Commercial Business Intelligence

Key features

  • It is an internal web portal focused on companies that sell their products repeatedly to their customer base and, therefore, need to track the evolution of sales.

  • Through this internal Web portal, you will provide members of the Sales Department (management, middle management, salespeople, and agents) with statistical information that affects them about the evolution of sales, about each customer, and about the type of product.

  • The statistical information, indicators, and comparisons with previous periods that each member of the Sales Department needs help improve their performance and effectiveness.

  • The system allows defining alarms that automatically alert interested parties in case there are decreases in business volume, customers, products, or types of products are detected, allowing members of your Sales Department to detect these situations and concentrate their efforts on those customers and/or aspects that deserve their attention.

  • The Commercial Business Intelligence data is elaborated by EacGi-ERP automatically without the intervention of any user. Its maintenance and use require no additional effort.

CRM – Customer Service Area

To control and manage telephone/telematic customer service.

In case your company provides telephone/telematic customer service for some type of support (call centre, technical support, or others), this EacGi-ERP module provides the personnel responsible for carrying out these tasks, and those responsible for their control and management, with the tool they need to register, manage, and control their development; analyse workload, response times, outstanding issues, and the performance of the personnel involved.

CRM – Customer Service Area

Key features

    • Registration

      It facilitates the registration of requests made by customers (commercial issues, technical issues, incidents, complaints, etc.), allowing the creation of a matter or task, as an electronic record, so that it can be managed by the people in the organization who need to intervene until its closure.

      It allows registering all interventions or interactions with the customer, noting the type of request, explanations, dates and times of each intervention, the person or people involved, responses given, and next actions.

      Since the system incorporates a document manager, it allows attaching documents provided by the customer or supplied to them, digitally documenting the record.

    • Analysis – Dashboards

      It allows consulting pending issues by person, by type of issue, by department, by issue age, etc.

      It allows consulting the history of each customer’s issues with all the detailed information recorded: type of request, resolution data, and time invested.

      Likewise, it allows consulting and analysing the history of issues and management attended by each employee, time spent, responses, etc.

    • Ongoing issues, pending issues

      It allows consulting and managing the list of ongoing or pending issues to be resolved, assigned to each person or department, and setting/changing priorities, so that they can be addressed by whoever needs to and in the appropriate order.

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