Store chain management

If your company has a chain of retail stores, this solution addresses the specific needs of each store and, most importantly, the automatic communication of information between the headquarters and the stores.

CAT Module - Store Chain

The solution consists of

  • Options/features in the ERP used by the headquarters to facilitate communication and synchronization of data and documents with the stores.

  • The application that each store will use for its operations.

Key Features of the
Store Application

The store application is essentially an internal web portal that functions as a mini ERP, providing all the features needed for daily operations: POS, cash register closing, product catalogue, restocking orders, goods reception, inventories, various statistics, and analyses.

    • POS

      Allows the simultaneous management of several sales tickets on the same terminal, printing of regular and gift tickets, management of promotional discount vouchers, and vouchers issued to customers after product returns. Manages cash payments, credit card payments, and others, as well as seller control and customer identification.

      Generates and applies promotional vouchers as part of loyalty campaigns.

      Facilitates returns management, even for sales made in other stores.

    • Product Catalogue – Offers – New Arrivals

      As a real-time web-connected system with the headquarters’ database, any new or modified product data, prices, offers, and new arrivals are immediately reflected in the relevant stores without user intervention.

      Stores can show customers the product catalogue and product sheets with different images and information. They can also check the available stock at the headquarters or other stores to facilitate orders for out-of-stock products.

    • Inventories – Physical Counts

      The system provides each store with a permanent and valued inventory. It allows recording of total or partial counts that can result in immediate stock adjustments at the time they occur, ensuring high reliability of the information. These counts can be performed using tablets and barcode or QR code scanning.

    • Internationalization – Store Types

      For multilingual and multicurrency stores: our solution is used by store chains with locations in various countries.

      The program allows defining store types and associating sales/offers rates based on the location and whether it is a company-owned store or a franchise.

    • Cash Register Closing

      Generates the closing report and manages and controls the resulting amount (for company-owned stores, for accounting at headquarters).

    • Restocking Orders – Goods Reception

      The system provides a summary of the products sold in the store to facilitate preparing and sending restocking orders to the headquarters. These orders automatically appear at headquarters, and when sent to the store, they appear as pending reception. The store only needs to verify and confirm the reception to complete the process, achieving greater automation and simplification.

      Facilitates the management of product shipments for window displays.

    • Analysis, Statistics – Dashboards

      Store managers have immediate statistical information on sales during the analysed period: sales by product types, units, amounts, and, most importantly, generated profits.

      Headquarters has real-time information and more extensive data, analysing each store’s data or consolidated by store groups, and sales timing in each store to properly allocate resources.

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