Web Stores and Marketplaces

This module allows the automatic maintenance and synchronization of information from web stores, developed under the WooCommerce or PrestaShop platforms, directly from EacGi-ERP.

Automatic and advanced web store synchronization (B2C)

B2C Module - Automatic and advanced web store synchronization
    • Automatic synchronization of:

      • Information whenever you add new items, change their description, classification, images, and/or prices, without the need for user intervention.

      • Available stock, which will prevent your customers from purchasing and paying for products that are not available, thus avoiding long delivery times and damage to your reputation.

    • Payment Management

      EacGi-ERP automatically accounts for payments made through the web store (credit card, PayPal, etc.), simplifying administrative and control tasks.

    • All Set to Start

      In summary, with EacGi-ERP and this synchronization module, it is easier than ever and automatic to launch and/or manage a public web store.

    • ERP Synchronization

      Orders placed by users through the web store are automatically downloaded to EacGi-ERP, allowing quick management of preparation and shipping.

    • Communication with Your Carrier

      EacGi-ERP allows automatic communication of shipments to carriers (DHL, Seur, Schenker, etc.), printing shipping labels, automatically associating the carrier according to the area, etc.


If your need or concern is to sell your products through platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Cdiscount, the EacGi-ERP marketplace synchronization module facilitates the download of orders placed by customers on these platforms to automatically manage shipping, billing, and collection.

In the case that you supply goods on consignment, it allows you to control and manage such consignments.

Market Places

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