Web Commercial Office

This module is an extension of EacGi-ERP that allows you to provide your regular customers, those to whom you sell on credit, and/or your salespeople or sales agents, with a web portal functioning as an automatic commercial office.

Product catalogue consultation

The customer is shown personalized prices and offers, products they regularly purchase to facilitate repeat orders, order history, order status, new arrivals, etc.

Product catalogue consultation

Order management

Order placement, confirming availability for immediate delivery.

Order management

Documentation Preparation

Consultation and obtaining copies of orders, delivery notes, and/or invoices, upcoming payment due dates, etc.

Documentation preparation

Other features

    • Provides an advanced solution for your customers, enabling them to place orders and consult information anytime and from anywhere, undoubtedly increasing their loyalty.

    • Orders placed through this channel are automatically downloaded to EacGi-ERP, facilitating order preparation and shipments, simplifying, and automating the entire process.

    • It is a powerful system due to its configuration and customization capabilities. It has various advanced features: your customer can create their own users (employees) and configure the features for those users, such as registering draft or firm orders and their authorization capacity, addressing complex needs.

    • Setting it up is almost immediate. Simply activate it, and you can personalize it with your logo, preferences, and corporate colours.

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