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What does EacGI-ERP include?

Basic Features

EacGi-ERP is a very comprehensive software for SMEs, as it includes:

  • Budget management.

  • Prices/offers/promotions.

  • Order and shipment management.

  • Various billing processes.

  • Purchasing management.

  • Inventory control and management.

  • Accounting (general, financial, analytical, budgetary, fixed assets).

  • Quality management.

  • Electronic filing – document management.

  • POS management.

Complete features at a reduced cost

    • Commercial Policy

      Management of prices and offers. Price recalculation and updates based on defined margin criteria. Automatic financial risk control with customers.

    • Logistic processes associated with orders

      Preparation of shipments using tablets in the warehouse. Generation of delivery notes, package labels, packing lists, automatic communication to carriers, automatic shipping charges…

    • Billing processes

      Immediate, grouped, periodic concepts, waste fees. E-Invoice, EDI communications, automatic accounting, and insertion into the collection portfolio… Calculation and settlement of commissions.

    • Purchasing management

      Management of purchasing needs, automatic proposals based on stock levels, linked to orders and production needs. Management of authorizations, supplier orders, automatic receptions, verification of supplier invoices, automatic accounting, and insertion into the payment portfolio. Automatic updating of supplier prices, database of alternative purchases.

    • Advanced item and stock control and management

      Multiple types of items (batches, sizes/colours, formats, attributes, variants…). Ability to define coding rules for automatic item code creation, multiple warehouses…

    • Statistics and dashboards

      Multiple types of configurable statistics and dashboards.

    • POS

      For retail sales, it includes POS management, simplified ticket/invoice issuance, return or promotional vouchers, cash closure, and automatic accounting. Customer loyalty management, etc.

Advanced Features

    • Financial Planning

      The powerful and automatic financial planner/simulator allows controlling the cash flow situation and evolution in a summarized and detailed manner, considering recurrent payments.

    • Traceability

      EacGi-ERP’s smart chaining system allows you to navigate from one option to another based on related information. This feature will surprise you.

    • Document and report designer

      EacGi-ERP includes a report generator and document designer that lets you create or modify document models, reports, and statistics without technical knowledge. However, many models are provided with the ERP to facilitate implementation.

    • Electronic filing – Document management

      EacGi-ERP includes an electronic filing system, document manager, that will facilitate the digitization of your files, allowing you to associate each document to the corresponding section (for example: customer, supplier, supplier invoice, accounting entry, personnel file…) and consult it at any time. It facilitates document renewal control.

    • Quality management

      EacGi-ERP includes quality management (records, non-conformities, indicators…).

    • Users and access rights

      EacGi-ERP allows defining user profiles, what they can do, and what they cannot access. It allows you to see who has registered or modified certain information.

    • Quick start-up

      Allows importing data from other programs, files (Excel, CSV, XML), or databases, facilitating the transition from other programs and exploiting the existing information.

Optional modules

Commercial Area and Online Presence

  • B2C – Web Stores and Marketplaces

    Automatic store maintenance, automatic order download, automatic collection accounting, automatic stock synchronization, etc.

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  • B2B – Web Commercial Office

    This module customizes the customer experience: it shows personalized prices and discounts, usual products, and facilitates new orders, confirming availability instantly. Allows the customer to check the status of each order, download copies of their invoices, etc.

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  • CRM – CRM and Business Intelligence

    Provides the commercial management and your salespeople with immediate information on sales evolution by customer or product. Automatically monitors customer sales evolution and alerts when sales decline, increasing sales effectiveness.

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  • CAT – Chain Store Management

    Complete store (POS) management and communication between headquarters and stores, providing centralized management of communications and dashboards.

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Productive Area

  • ST – Task Management

    Economic analysis of profitability and deviations. Management of supplies and purchases associated with tasks. Subcontracting management. Personnel control. Automation of activity registration through check-in performed via control stations (barcode) and/or mobile devices (phone or PDA). Results analysis via dashboards.

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  • PRO – Series Production

    Complete management of production processes: BOMs and operational sequences. Launching production orders. Automation of activity registration via check-in system. Process control and management.

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Warehouse Area – SGA

  • SGA – Advanced Warehouse Management

    Organization and task assignment to each employee: manages picking operations (extraction and preparation of shipments), placement operations, and optimization of space management and proper product placement based on rotation. Allows multi-location and controls and manages all internal operations. Operators’ operations are fully guided by the system using tablets. Optimizes routes for operations, reducing times and increasing effectiveness.

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Tailored to your business

Modular system. Thanks to our modules, you can customize EacGi-ERP to best suit your business.

  • Commercial and distributive companies

    For companies that sell and/or distribute products.

    See modules
  • Service, Installation, and Construction Companies

    Metallurgical companies, machining shops, HVAC installers, plumbing/heating companies, carpentries, workshops…

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  • Productive Companies

    Manufacturers of machines and tools, textile industry, automotive auxiliary, companies performing repetitive processes…

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Why choose EacGi-ERP?

  • Very comprehensive and powerful features

    Covers all your needs with the same tool.

  • Highly adaptable to your company’s needs

  • Reduced cost

  • Includes advanced features

    Smart navigation, electronic filing, document manager, integrated report and document designer.

  • Quick start-up and easy data import

  • In Cloud or Server

    Cloud without investment, simply paying a monthly fee, without obligation of permanence.

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